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Along with the development if the state of Campeche, in 1998 was born a concern to contribute stablishing a unique hotel development and offer at the same time quality services in line with modern times to visitors both national and foreign.

For this, we created the Ocean View Hotel, a concept aimed at business or placer travelers, providing the most advanced technology, resulting in the first hotel in Campeche aimed at a business without leaving behind the important aspects for comfortability of all visitors.

It was not until 2001, when Ocean View Hotel opens its doors, emerging as an excellent catalyst for the personalized service provided on our state .

In August 2007 the hotel was expanded and providing other facilities which makes the stay of our guests more pleasant.

Ocean View Hotel 4 star - 3 diamond, offers its guests breathtaking sea views from our comfortable and luxurious accommodations. We are an excellent choice for business travel and leisure, offering quality facilities and services.

Hotel Ocean View


Distinguish guests with a personalized service, a friendly, relaxed, comfortable and efficient enviroment, meeting their needs beyond what they themselves expected.


Being the leading hotel in Quality Services and as an example of optimum Tourist and Business progress in the state of Campeche.

Hotel Ocean View


  • Excellence: In our services and in our actions.
  • Confidence: In our people and our customers.
  • Courtesy: The principle of good relations.
  • Initiative: Essential capability improvement.
  • Discipline: Unbreakable Will to accomplish our mission.
  • Ethics:  Fundamental principle of our person.
  • Communication: Fundamental to achieving our goals Medio.
  • Productivity: Reflection of our effort, will and work.
  • Equipment: Basis for success.